7 thoughts on “A First Peek at the BOOK

  1. VERY readable! And now I want to know more… I grew up in Nashville, and never knew anything about this. The only reason I knew the name Looby was because I used to do plays at the community center named after him.

  2. Very nice. Definitely makes me want to know more. I can’t imagine the terror people must have felt during that time and how much courage it must have taken to stand up and push back against the system. We need more of that today – and I know it is happening in some places. It’s tough to realize that, after all these years and all the progress made, we haven’t really come all that far.

  3. I found it intriguing, and your authorial “voice” is like a bracing smack of common sense. Looking at the photo, I would never have picked up on the double layer of brick over wood, but it’s so obvious when you point it out.

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