I just feel adrift without the dog. It’s so quiet in the house. Walking without a dog sucks and is stupid.

I don’t know. I feel like I should have more to say, but I just don’t. It’s ludicrous that he’s dead. It’s just an affront to me.

6 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. It’s crazy how the rest of the world just seems to go on as usual, when you are so devastated. That always surprises me. Take the time you need. I hope you are keeping in contact with your counselor and otherwise taking care of yourself. It’s tough, but that is the best thing you can do. Lots of good vibes are directed at you from all over the place.

  2. Yeah, what Opus said. Grieving at a time like this is way, way harder even than usual. We here all love you.

  3. My thoughts exactly – all three comments above.

    I like ghost stories but I’m not good with horror so I have never seen Reanimator.
    But – the weirdest thought my brain ever threw at me was the week after I lost my bird friend. The idea that you could break the laws of physics and biology and bring something back to life was incredibly compelling that week.

    Sending you huge thoughts of support.

  4. He was a good dog and you gave him such a good life, and then a good death when the time came. It’s the most anyone can do for their pets. It doesn’t feel like enough but it is. You blessed each other, for a little while, then he went on.

  5. I’m lucky that I’ve always had another dog to help yank me over the missing gaps that are there when one dies.
    But even so, sometimes it’s just so hard. I’m sorry.

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