About Me

I blog here as Aunt B. and over at Pith in the Wind under my given name–Betsy Phillips. I write other places sometimes, but those are my two internet homes. I have a dog and some cats and live in Whites Creek, Tennessee, which is technically Nashville, but we’re stubborn.


I’m enacting a performative contradiction.

“Tiny Cat Pants: Expanding Your World, One Hilarious Non Sequitur at a Time.”–grandefille

[N]ow whenever I hear Hard Headed Woman, I immediately think of the willfully obtuse Aunt B.”–Sarcastro

“It’s near impossible for me to avoid these discussions at TCP, mainly because Aunt B’s over-the-top sledgehammer approach is fascinating to a subtle, scapel guy like me.”–Slartibartfast

“Dave [Oatney], Stacey [Campfield], Terry [Frank], and I also brought up a few other bloggers in conversation, including the filthy writings of Aunt B”–Rob Huddleston

“another anonymous blogress, ‘Aunt B.,'”–James Taranto, WSJ.COM

“Aunt B made me laugh, and sometimes, she challenged my most cherished male beliefs. ” –Mack

“Sometimes I wonder what would happen to my marriage if Aunt B. and I knew each other.”–Katie

“Written semi-anonymously, by someone who calls herself Aunt B., Tiny Cat Pants takes on all comers, doles out sharp criticism for idiot politicians, picks fights with other bloggers, periodically redefines feminism to suit its author’s mood, and in general, has a heck of a good time not taking itself very seriously.” –Best Blog on WordPress

“She assumes herself to be more lofty and educated than the entire population of the state of Tennessee.”–Wes Comer

“AuntB makes Glen look like MotherT . . . as in Teresa”–Ned Williams

“No offense intended, Ned, but the above comment is absolute proof that no matter how well developed your sense of humor, no matter who you reach out to, no matter how civil you run the discussions on your blog, someone somewhere will think you are a bitchass tyrant. Aunt B’s blog and the discussion that go on there are mature, humorous, reasonable and fair. I can’t imagine anyone thinking differently.”–Brittney

“I used to think much the same of Aunt B., but figured out soon enough that she’s kind of like South Park–look beyond the ‘shits’ and you’ll see the giggles.”–Roger Abramson

“Feminist, political saboteur and gardening enthusiast”–Pete Kotz, The Nashville Scene


23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. you quote donnell… do you know him or just read his stuff? If the former, say “hi!” for me.

  2. I couldn’t help but notice our lowly little blog is on your list. I’m flattered. This is our first brush with fame…and a small fame it is. More like a famelet.

    However, you’re our blogging hero, so this is sort of like having Mean Joe Greene throw you his jersey. Thanks, Mean Joe!


  3. Darn, beaten to it. I just tagged you with a ‘Thinking blogger award’ too!!
    Keep it up, Aunt B, really enjoying your adventures.
    Best London wishes from Kate M

  4. Allie User Beware!

    The treatment effects of Allied is not “shitting your pants” Instead, it’s uncontrollable leakage of orange odorless oil. It’s discussing and floats in the toilet water like oil and vinegar salad dressing. Sorry to be graphic but this is a fact. You may as well attach a maxi pad to your butt hole!

  5. I don’t care how often you pat yourself on the back (though you SHOULD go pro :) ), I just like the name “Tiny Cat Pants”

  6. “She assumes herself to be more lofty and educated than the entire population of the state of Tennessee.”–Wes Comer

    Well, that’s not saying much, really. No offense.

  7. Hi from your friendly Tiny Cat Pants runners here in Baltimore Maryland. :)

    Well, some of us have been injured and one moved far away, but after a hiatus, my friend Nancy and I would like to represent TCP at this year’s Baltimore Half Marathon. It’s October 16, and then on October 31, Nancy will be running the original Marathon in Greece (!) and I will be running my first marathon in Washington DC–the Marine Corps Marathon. It is a landmark year of running for us! Team Tiny Cat Pants is at it again–never underestimate the fans of cats with wee pants.

    So, we have a question for you. May we use the Tiny Cat Pant image and logo (perhaps the purple one on Cafe Press, or something else?) on running tech tees for ourselves? At this point (with the distances we are doing), wearing cotton isn’t good. I’ve used runningbanana.com to have a special tech-T made for my brother when he ran Boston. They did a great job. I was thinking of doing the same for some new TCP shirts but would need your approval and input. We would not be producing them for sale–just for us to wear in our upcoming races. At this point, we would just have two made. Oh, and we would want to print some fun phrase (yet undetermined) on the back–something in the true spirit of Team TCP’s running philosophy: If tiny cat pant lovers can do it (the underachievers of distance running), so can you! :)
    Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  8. Hello, Tiny Cat Pants runners! Hell yes, you can. The only think is that I’m not sure if I still have that art or if it’s on one of the dead computers, so I’ll have to figure out how to retrieve it for you.

    Just email me and let me know what you need.

  9. Awesome!!! We have come to the conscensus that we would like to use the original/”retro” ;) TCP logo–the one with the cat on the left and then to the right Tiny Cat Pants is written out vertically. Perhaps if you no longer have access to the graphic on your PC, Cafe Press can send it to you? Just a thought. We don’t want to be a hassle.

    So excited! Three of us–Nadia, Nancy, & I–have signed up for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K on June 27. We’re regiestered as Team Tiny Cat Pants. :) So, we plan to have the shirts made in time for that race. We’ll definitely send photos. Then, Nancy & I will wear them for the Baltimore Half Marathon in October. We’re keeping TCP alive here in Baltimore!

  10. Can you get Tiny Cat Pants items still at Cafe Press? My sister and I love cats and live in a big old house with our rescued cats and love anything feline! My sister was down visiting a friend in Franklin, TN when the flooding happened. Since her friend lives on a hill they didn’t have water come in, but they didn’t get to go visit Nashville because of the rain. They said the 13+ inches of rain was so loud on the roof.

  11. Yes, you can still get items on Cafe Press. :)

    Any luck, Aunt B, with the graphic?
    -Team TCP in Baltimore

  12. Hi!
    I think it will work. Thanks. RunningBanana perfers 300 pixels per inch (very high resolution), but the rep. said that with this graphic what you gave me will work. Yay! Thanks so much. :)

  13. Hi…:)
    I’m not sure if you get alot of 13year old readers, but i’m definitely one!
    Just wanted to say love your blog. You have a very intrictate mind that i can barely comprehend at times, (heck i’m 13 what-can-ya-say? ;) But most of the time i get it. All of the time i love it.
    Thank you! :)

  14. Hello,
    I came across your website and found your articles on family and travel interesting. I just had a couple of questions so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!

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