Conditions & Terms of Use

This site is intended for adults. It’s full of adults talking about adult things using adult language. If you read the contents of this site, I’m assuming that means you understand the nature of the site and consent to read such material.

I pay for this site, so I decide what I’m willing to pay for–content and comments, both. Right now, I have a policy of not deleting comments unless they are personal attacks or reveal personal information about folks that they would not choose to share with the entire internet. I like fostering an atmosphere where people can disagree fruitfully. I will, however, revise this policy without notice when I think it’s necessary. Edited to Add: And I have. I’m not going to provide you a platform for your hateful nonsense. Please see 25a. of the FAQ.

Edited again to add: If you are commenting on a subject and your IP address reveals that you might have a vested interest in the subject you’re commenting on–for instance, if you write in support of ICE or in support of the Sheriff, and your IP address comes from a federal .gov in the first case or a in the second–and you have not disclosed the potential bias (and understand, I’m not saying that you have to disclose who you are and who you work for but you damn well better say “As a federal employee who sees first hand how ICE works, I think…” or “As a county employee who knows the Sheriff well, I think…”), I will. If you comment here, understand that you are giving me your implicit permission to release your IP address to the world and then make your decision about whether you want to comment.

It’s insulting to me and my readership for you to try to pass yourself off as disinterested ordinary folks if you are operating as propagandists (unsolicited or not).

As far as I’m concerned, everyone retains copyright on their own material. If you’re going to quote from this blog or the comments, please provide a link back. I’m not responsible for the opinions of others nor are others responsible for my opinions, so, if you’re upset about something happening here, be sure you’re not wasting your time complaining to me about the behavior of others.

If you email me about Tiny Cat Pants, about me as a blogger, or about blogging in general, I will consider it for publication, even if you ask me not to. If you send me email, you are agreeing that you’ve read these rules, understand them, and agree to abide by them.


12 thoughts on “Conditions & Terms of Use

  1. I like that you have a “conditions & terms of use” page.

    Just one thing: I think that publishing something that someone e-mailed to you marked “not for publication” is a bit impolite. Even if you said you were going to do it beforehand. It may also be illegal in some jurisdictions (in the UK it would be an unlawful act of copying for one thing).

    Hmm. Now I suspect you know that, and that’s why you say it!.

  2. It’d be an interesting problem, wouldn’t it? Would the person sending me the threatening messages or the person (me) posting them for the world to see be in worse trouble? Somehow, considering the messages I made that rule up to respond to, I’m not thinking it’s me.

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  6. Hi Betsy,

    I enjoyed connecting with you again today. Thank you so much for the book! Please send me an email and let’s get together again. My address is on my website.


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