Find-a-Grave to the Rescue

So, I’m at the point where Sue and her sister get into a carriage and go to Maury County. It needed to be majorly rewritten, because you can’t get to Maury County from the Frist Center in one day in a horse-drawn carriage. But I then began to worry that you might not be able to get to the home of a son of William Macon’s (remember William owned Jack Macon, the “widow” of whom has sent Sue to find her mother). But I have never been able to successfully ascertain where the Macons houses were in Maury County. So, I’ve felt uncertain about whether it was even a trip that could be done in two days.  Too far past Columbia and probably not.

How to find those fucking Macons? Now, obviously, if there were an easy way to find out exactly, I would have done it by now. So, the question is–is there a ballpark way? And then I got to thinking–I’m talking about people who lived before 1850. There are only three places they’re going to stick their dead people–1. in their yard, 2. in their church’s yard, in which case I have a neighborhood for them, or 3. in the city’s cemetery, in which case I learn they lived in town.

So, I Find-a-Grave all the Macons in Maury County and they’re all in the Zion Presbyterian Cemetery. Now I know they had to be within a few miles of here in order to attend church here. Ta-da. And who should be in that cemetery but John Macon himself, father of William Macon, owner of Dr. Jack. Though I’m sure it’s entirely a coincidence that William had a slave almost his same exact age named a nickname of his father’s own name. Nothing to see here, folks. Anyway, so I don’t know exactly where they were, but that’s close enough for fiction.

My Blues Have Lifted

I tell you what, there’s nothing like the friends who will listen to you tell you you’re right to be worried and then tell you you’re right that you just have to keep your mouth shut and let things play out.

It’s a hard line for me to walk. So much of our family dynamic is always “keep your mouth shut and let things play out” even when you’re like “Oh my god, why is no one even saying anything about that terrible situation?!” and so I’ve kind of tried to be the kind of person who is loudly shouting “Look at this thing!!!” (you may have gathered).

So, trying to learn not only the skill of pointing out what needs to be pointed out AND the skill of letting things play out without butting in when that’s the appropriate course of action is not easy for me.

But apparently a necessary one.