Controlling Girls

It’s not just that it’s obviously a lie that having sex with eight people makes you like a cup everyone in a classroom has spit in that angers me. It’s that, at this point, not a single sex-educator in this land can pretend like he or she doesn’t know how terrible this rhetoric is for victims of sexual abuse, because Elizabeth Smart has said so. So, as of right now, even if they weren’t smart enough to get that before, they now know. Which means that, when they spout this shit, it’s literally more important to scare kids out of having sex than it is to have compassion for abuse victims.

Never mind how gross I find it that a woman who is in charge of a place that convinces girls to give up their babies for adoption gets a platform in public schools to convince girls to give their babies up for adoption and no one seems bothered by her vested interest. Of course these women are opposed to abortion and birth control. They need desperate pregnant girls to supply babies for them.

It’s in their best interest for teenage girls to have no knowledge about how to keep from getting pregnant and no option but to carry the pregnancy to term if they become pregnant, because they want those babies.

And they still get framed as the good guys.

4 thoughts on “Controlling Girls

  1. This gets at why I have a problem with the current structure of the adoption advocacy movement within pro-life circles.

    Folks are making a profit by providing babies to people who want them. Since our culture no longer stigmatises (as badly) young girls who give birth out of wedlock so many of the pro-adoption crusaders do that for them. The drill is to make the genetic mother so completely depressed and self-loathing that she will understand that she is the worst possible choice for raising the child. How lucky for her that you have 15 couples in the wings all vying to take the child home. And no, you can’t sell the child. How dare I suggest such a thing? Good thing there are all those papers and red tapes and stuff that you can charge a “service fee” for navigating.

    The only thing that having sex with 8 people makes you is very tired. And possibly kind of confused. Granted, if you space it out you shouldn’t have any problem at all.

  2. Lying to kids about birth control is vile enough. Making them feel worthless to suit one’s own ends is even lower.

  3. “… a woman who is in charge of a place that convinces girls to give up their babies for adoption gets a platform in public schools…”

    Not just one. TWO. That Beth Cox lady who’s a member of the Sumner County School Board who also spoke to the Hillsboro students? She’s a member of the board of directors of Decisions, Choices and Options. Which should be renamed Lies, Misinformation And No Choice For Sluts.

  4. BTW, if you didn’t catch this interview with Jennifer Gilmore on NPR, do: it’s fascinating:

    Adoption isn’t the effortless traipse through the park that Beth Cox and Joi Wasill want everyone to believe it is. It’s certainly traumatic for birth mothers, and the entire process is full of pitfalls for adoptive families, too. It’s a really stressful, emotional process on all fronts. Instead of being honest about it, these abstinence clowns would rather paint fairy tells of rainbows and lollipops.

    That’s one of the things I hated about that movie “Juno.”

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