In Which I Admit Something Embarrassing

I just went to give my co-worker my cell phone number and realized, yet again, I don’t fucking know it! The second time in two weeks I’ve wanted to be all smooth and like “My number is thus-and-such, give me a yodel” and instead had to stand there all like an idiot.

So, folks, I have put my own cell phone number in my cell phone. Yes, it’s come to that.

Also, yesterday, I almost didn’t answer when my dad called, because I was dancing around to the little tune it sings when someone calls me. This is almost as stupid as not knowing my number.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Admit Something Embarrassing

  1. You know you can just call the person who wants your number and they will have your number show up as caller id. I know that it takes less buttons for me to save a number already on my screen than to add one cold. As for the dancing, you can always call him back when the fun is over. Dance, woman, dance.

  2. haha when i get a new phone service i need fun little ring tones. i hate that low-end cingular refridgerator-phone crap with no bells OR whistles.

    even one of them would be enough to satisfy me.

  3. Don’t feel bad, I had to program my cell phone number into my phone too. And even worse, my HOME phone number. Greek telephone numbers are way too weird to be able to remember them properly.

  4. My cell phone has this feature where if I put in the right combination of button pushes and the planets all align, it will tell me my cell phone number. LOL

    And my ring tone is Rocky Top (huge shock, I know)…so I do love listening to it ring….

  5. Mom: memory 1
    Brother 1: Memory 2
    Brother 2: Memory 3
    Brother 3: Memory 4
    Various friends: Memory 5-12

    Their real numbers?

    Don’t have a clue anymore….even under torture.

  6. Damn, I’d like to have Rocky Top for my ringtone but I don’t know if that would be available for a Greek phone. Hmm, I’ll have to look into it, because I hate the choices that automatically come with the phone I have.

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