Well, It’s Got Some Drawbacks

First among them is that there are no links to my pages. And, yes, it would be nice if the recent comments were easier to see. But I really like the layout and I like that I can classify posts as different things. I know it seems like some of the posts can’t be commented on, but they can. Just click on the circle with the date in it.

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Just testing some different things out to see how they work.

One’s own house is best, small though it be; at home is every one his own master.

I Don’t Remember Loving You

It’s really nice to have a friend you can call and pour out all of the reasons you’re grouchy to and the at the end of it, you feel genuinely better and un-grouchy.

The Blog Roll

It’s gone. I never kept it up to date because I didn’t use it so I cut it. I have half a mind to reformat the whole blog, too, but I hate to lose the header. So, there’s that.

Edited to add: Okay, I did change the theme! And it’s fancy.

Bill, Who is Fixing to

I’ve really been enjoying the DNC, though I haven’t been writing about it because, honestly, it’s nice just to watch and enjoy people I mostly agree with talking about a direction I’d like the country to take. I like hearing people being openly happy for their gay Marine friends and those gay Marine friends’ boyfriends. I like a crowd full of people who look like America to me. And I like how excited and happy everyone seems. It’s just nice.

So, analyzing the shit out of that isn’t really interesting to me and attempting to understand it isn’t really necessary, so what is there to say?

The Butcher and I were riveted to Bill Clinton’s speech, which was, of course, terrific, but also, of course, about ten minutes longer than you think you can bear. It was at that point, ten minutes out, when the Butcher said, “You know there’s someone running around asking people in the audience if they can play an instrument, because they’re trying to assemble a band that can play that dude off the stage.”

And then we both laughed. But we still watched right to the end.

She’s on Her Way. She’s Making It.

Rachel has a story in the Scene which is excellent. And she has a post about her story in the Scene, which I would just like to second. Every once in a while, someone asks me why I don’t just self-publish Flock or the Sue Allen project and I still think of that as a last resort option because I really want an editor. Working with the folks at the Scene has made me a better writer because they have literally made me a better writer. Having that experience, I now really feel like there’s a difference between my writing being the best it can be as I can make it, and my writing being the best it can be with an experienced editor.

I really want that next level for my work.