Liveblogging the DNC

7:45–Did Al Gore just mention Bin Ladin?  Is he the first one to?

7:47–More nice stuff about McCain.  I think that’s smart.  Makes his attacks look petty and weird.

7:49–Where was this Al Gore earlier?

7:50–Good to hit the borrowing money from China to pay Saudi Arabia.  And more on the strange change of McCain from someone everyone used to respect to Bush, Third Term.

7:53–Gore’s underlying message seems to be that the Republicans are nice folks, but the leadership has gone dreadfully wrong.

7:55–Good stuff about the importance of young people.

8:02–I missed the end of the speech since I was on the phone.  Well, I’m sure it was fine.

8:04–My dad called so I missed more.

8:11–I wonder what’s going on on Rate My Space?

I wonder what my personal style would be… I once thought that my style would best be described as “Haunted Old West Brothel” but I more think that I’m looking for something vaguely creepy, but with elements of Dia de los muertos and primitive decor thrown in.

8:18–I’m craving bananas, frozen bananas covered in chocolate.

8:19– You know who twitters shit like this?  People who are there.  I’m not there.  I’m blogging.  Keeping it real.  I need more than 140 characters.  And I am considering making my own dildos.  The question is–do you go for something that looks like a penis or do you go for something designed for use not for aesthetics?  And, if you did go for a penis, who would you ask to contribute?  Christian?

8:26–Oh, god damn it.  I’m being sucked in by Biden.  Doesn’t he look like he’s having a great time?

8:31–I’m still watching HGTV.  I can’t be bothered to hear Olbermann read Obama’s speech ahead of time.  But tell me what you think of this: I have my great grandma Teckla’s china and it looks like this.  I’m thinking of painting my dining room the magenta in that pattern.  What do you think?

8:45–Why do we have to take Pat Buchanan seriously?  I don’t know.  It’s just that seeing him on my screen is a constant reminder that the news I watch is much more about theater than about actual information.  And I’m just going to admit it.  I don’t get Twitter.  I always feel like I’m missing something.


8:53–Oh my god!  Joe Biden just kissed a woman on the forehead!  Where’s her husband to… Um, what’s the proper dudely response to a forehead kiss?  A wet willy?

8:54–It’s packed there, huh?  Wow.  And there are a ton of American flags, which we know Democrats hate, so clearly, those must just be lost Republicans, or something.

8:57–A lot of folks wearing dark blue suits and light blue ties.  I like it.  And more Lincoln references.

8:58–The thing I like about this speech is that dude is doing such a good job of selling this with his eyes, like “Holy shit, we’re doing something wonderful here, aren’t we?”

9:00–I know most of this is just the shit politicians say, but dang, I don’t mind being caught up in it a little.

9:02–Oh, baby Barack!

9:06–Okay, I’m tearing up.

9:07–Knowing my people, I can say that part of Obama’s appeal is that he looks like a basketball coach and if there’s one thing we love, it’s high school coaches.

9:11–Here he is.  Whew.  I’m nervous for him.

9:14–That place is packed.  And my dog is a stinky farter.  Blegh.  Be glad this blog doesn’t have smell-o-vision.

9:15–Props to Clinton!  Though I would say that she’s not just an inspiration to women.  At least I hope not.

9:17–I want Michelle Obama to be my wife!

9:19–I’m glad he actually points instead of doing that weird thumb pointy gesturing thing.

9:22–Oh god.  The ‘Eight is Enough’ thing was cute before they started chanting it.  And here’s more with the John McCain is a good guy meme.  “What does it say about your judgment when you think George Bush has been right 90% of the time?”  That’s a good line.

9:24–This stuff about the auto workers and the soldiers and their families not being whiners is really really good stuff.  It’s not that McCain doesn’t care, he just doesn’t know.  That’s good, too.

9:26–“You’re on your own.”  I find that a very compelling critique, for reasons that are obvious to anyone who reads me.

9:29–Some nice gender stuff in here but I’m waiting to hear about health and GLBT stuff.

9:32–Spelling out change: Tax code reform, job creation, elimination of capitol gains taxes for small businesses, cut taxes for 95% of all working families, set a clear goal of 10 years to eliminate our need for oil from the middle east, tap natural gas, clean coal (urg), nuclear power, bail out the auto industry, 150 billion dollars into renewable energy, every child a world-class education, invest in early childhood education, new teachers with higher salaries and more support, if you commit to serving your community or country, we’ll get you into college; affordable, accessible health care for everyone; insurance companies cannot discriminate against the sick; paid sick days and better family leave; change bankruptcy laws to protect pentions, equal pay for equal work; (I missed something here); closing corporate havens and loopholes; eliminating some gov. programs; renewed sense of responsibility and we each must do our part; dads need to get involved; folks need to turn off the tv; individual and mutual responsibility; keep America’s promise abroad.

9:42–Let’s go after Bin Ladin.  Lots of good sound-bytes here.  And how even the Bush administration has adopted Obama’s timetable.

9:43–Dog is barking in her sleep and kicking me.  Mrumph, Mrumph.

9:44–Squandered legacy and restored legacy.  Whew, this is a long speech, but good.  And giving troops a clear mission, enough equipment, and the care they need when they come home.  It’s nice to hear someone in power say this.

9:48–Restoring a sense of common purpose.  This is the part I want most desperately to believe, but have the hardest time.  And here’s the GL… uh, sorry BT folks… stuff.  Good.  Well, half good.

9:54–Invoking King.  The crowd roars.  I choke up.

9:57–I guess you don’t drop balloons in an outdoor stadium, huh?

But wow.  I thought it was good  I’m sure the pundits will pick it apart soon enough, but my initial reaction is that it was good.  Oh, hey, they got some streamers going, at least.  But yeah, it seems utterly plausible that he could be our next president.

Okay, one last thing.  The weirdest moment of this whole evening has to be having Chris Matthews hitting the high points of the speech like he was giving it himself while whoever is there with him and Olbermann cheered again.  Very, very weird.  But I do like that they’re talking over the benediction.  Classy, gentlemen.


The metformin is kind of kicking my butt.  I took it with dinner and then lasted about an hour before I was like “Ugh, drink up, Butcher.  I’ve got to get home.”

Now I’m just sitting on the couch waiting to see if I’m going to be sick.

But before then, I got to see a shit ton of people at Brittney’s party and I was happy.

And I’ll Call My Utilities “Gifts” and Stop Paying My Bills!

Cecily Friday brings us word that McCain’s healthcare adviser’s solution to all our healthcare problems is a.) to stop referring to people as uninsured, presumably because if we don’t call them that, they’ll cease to be that, and to b.) just let them go to emergency rooms, presumably because each hospital also has a vast counterfeiting operation in the basement and so, whenever it needs money to cover someone’s medical bills, it can just print some up and not pass along those costs to patients and insurers who can pay!

Crinkly Fries oh Crinkly Fries

All I want for lunch is a shit-ton of crinkly fries.  I hope the Professor gets here soon and comes with the knowledge of where some crinkly fries might be procured.  Whoever was talking about the side effects of metformin was not lying, that’s for sure.  Whew.  Bleck.


I remember that moment, early on in my blogging career when I was blogging along with a readership small enough to encompass people I could call on the phone… well, if I could find their numbers on scraps of paper shoved in the bottom of my purse.  And then one day Peggasus showed up.

A commenter I didn’t know.

And even though her arrival heralded a bump in my readership from 29 to 30, I was thrilled and freaked out to discover that I had a reader I didn’t know, who didn’t know me, but who came back again and again anyway.

I saw this commenter–Erratic Dragonfly–over at Tiny Pasture’s and I click on her name and I see that she’s been writing for all of six days.


I’m sticking her in my feed reader.

I’m curious to see what will happen and I hope some of y’all will go over there–to this person I don’t know (I don’t think at least) and read her.  It’s just my way of passing along the great kindness Peg did for me.

Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On

Some days I regret even opening my feed reader.  Tiny Pasture reports that there are actually people up in arms about Obama kissing Joe Biden’s wife.

Let me just say that, if you are worked up over this, you are either twelve or a jackass.  Perhaps you’ve never kissed anyone.  I don’t know.

This is, though, why I hate the public greeting kiss.  First, there are lip-kissers.  A small group, but there for sure.  And there are the air kissers, a practice so vile and disgusting that it causes me pain to even mention them.  But mostly there are two schools of cheek kissers.  There are the people who kiss on the cheek, about half-way back between the corner of the mouth and the ear and the people who attempt to kiss just next to the corner of the mouth.

If you are a public figure, needless to say, you should aim for being a cheek kisser who aims for that spot between the mouth and the ear.  That way, even if you and the kissee misunderstand which cheek you’re going for, at worst, you just end up kissing them next to their mouth, not on it.

Because, of course, if you are not a kiss-upon-greeting kisser and believe me, most of us midwesterners are not–Good lord, I don’t even like to kiss my mom.  And I don’t believe I am alone in that.  Well, I mean, about midwesterners wanting to kiss their mothers.  My mom’s pretty cute, so I’m sure that there are unrelated people to her that would not mind at all kissing her.–you are running a pretty high risk of having an accidental mouth kiss.

Do you go left or right?  Does the person you’re trying to kiss-upon-greeting go left or right?

Who knows?

Can’t we just shake hands?

Anyway, though, the idea that Jill Biden is somehow dishonored because Obama kissed her?  That Joe Biden should have punched him?

Okay, clearly people feel that way, but it seems like a joke.  Do they not know that there are people, weird people mind you, who kiss each other upon greeting?  I mean, they cannot truly be outraged by this, can they?

And, if so, what exactly is it about seeing a very common social custom on tv?  Some people kiss upon greeting, even on the lips.  Tiny Pasture alludes to the spectre of misegination in the title of his post and I can’t help but think that that’s what people are outraged about–that a black man would kiss a white woman in public, even as a greeting.

In which case, I say, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Sucks to be you.