Jesus Christ, Revisited

I just got home to discover that every major news channel is carrying coverage of the Edwards affair as if it is a newsfact on par with us keeping people in tiny stand-up coffins in the name of freedom.

When I posted my post, I had no idea that the media would be being so fucking ridiculous about this and I apologize for adding to the stupidity.

I would like to reiterate, though, that monogamy does not have to be the ideal state of every relationship and lots of successful relationships do fine without it.  But it is hard for any relationship–between spouses or between candidate and country–to survive on lies.

So, go forth and fuck who you want, just be above-board about it.

Jesus Christ

I throw my hands up in disgust.

Here’s the deal, folks. If you made a deal with your spouse not to have sex with anyone else but them for as long as they live, and if you don’t abide by that deal, you are a massive jerk.

If you don’t want to only have sex with your spouse, I advise you go to your spouse and say the following, preferably before becoming their spouse, and say “Spouse, I don’t want to only have sex with you.”

And then your spouse can say, “Oh, really? Okay

1.) I also don’t want to only have sex with you, but here are the ground rules for how this is going to work.

2.) Fine. I’m not looking to fuck anyone else, but I don’t care if you do, as long as you are discreet.


3.) You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.”

It’s just not that hard.

Well, at least we know for sure he’s off the VP shortlist.

Edited to Add: I’m reading over at Slate about this and I learn that BILL FUCKING CLINTON is advocating faithfulness.  I know, let’s just change the Democratic Party’s slogan to “Chutzpah–We’ve got it.”

John Work III in Pop Matters

As we all know, I have the most enormous crush on John Work and today I was pleasantly surprised (read: about fell out of my chair) to see an incredible write-up on him over at PopMatters.

I will just say this–I have never done anything in my life more important or rewarding than that project and I am amazed and thrilled to see that, after almost three years, it’s still getting this kind of attention.

No, I’m not crying.  I just have a little something in my eye.

An Open Letter to the Gentleman Standing On West End Avenue

Dear Sir,

I almost did cross the street to approach you, not because I had any intention of sucking your cock, but because I wanted to give you my cell phone number.  Not, of course, because I wanted you to call me for a date or anything, but because the way you yelled out “Oh, hey, hey, come over here and suck my cock,” the way someone might holler “Oh, hey, hey, I think you dropped your wallet” or “Oh, hey, hey, your skirt is tucked into your underwear” made me curious.

Does that ever work?  Are there people who, upon hearing of your urgent need for a blowjob, will cross the street to give you one?

I want to meet those folks.

But not enough to have you call me when it happens.


Aunt B.

Is There Still Time to Preempt My Stupidity?

I was so upset over the idea that a cop could come into your back yard–ostensibly to protect you from the potential burglars that might be in your house which he has been alerted to via your alarm company–and shoot your dog (I mean, seriously, “I’m here to help, so I killed your dog.”?), that I let myself get distracted from a more important point.

Segments of our population have been saying for years, decades even, that they are being terrorized by the police, that they are afraid of them, and that calling the police is a crap shoot where you don’t know if it’s going to aleviate the situation or add to it.

And the vast majority of us have ignored what they were saying or assumed that they were exaggerating or that they deserved it.

And now?

See here, here, and here, just for starters.